“Where’s my Soul, you ask?”

“Give me some pink,” I say;

For I’ve always loved the light blush of roses.

“They love Red,” said the Madame,

Handing me a box of rogue and lipsticks.

For countless nights since

Lusty hounds have torn at my body.

But my soul—

My soul they could not touch.

For long ago I had buried my soul

Beneath the semi-darkness of this unholy whore-house.

And in the cold cold years that passed

Never once have I sought its warmth.

‘Coz if I did—

I shall burn in its unforgiving wrath.


A beautiful evening it is,

Forever enchanting.

The breeze brushes my skin teasingly;

The clouds- they blush in response.

Crows do crow. Oh yes! They do.

Yet, a lovely evening it is.

As my Brush Dips into the Palette

Did I just use a little too much of imagery? You did not go- “what brush”, “what palette”, did you? Well, I can’t help it now, so let me shift gears and introduce you to ‘Hues of Inspiration’ (and the girl behind it).

I am usually stereotyped as a serene and calm human, incapable of violent reactions. In fact, many have known me for years and continue to hold that notion. But there are a countable few, I believe, who have a hint that for all that tranquil composure on the outside, I am a chaos inside. But then, that’s true for most of us, isn’t it? And I guess that is what often drives us. For me, I was driven by that chaos towards a romance with words and language, which began when I was a school-kid. I had harboured the idea of writing a blog for long, but never did start.  In fact, in the last few years I have hardly written more than what academic compulsions demanded. And then it was the creative online exploits of two good friends that gave me the kick. So here I stand (sit, actually) with renewed attempts at trying to court those words again.

This preface is for you to understand two basic things about ‘Hues of Inspiration’- why and what. Has it ever occurred to you that we often associate different colours (or shades, if you prefer) to things we experience? As I write, my mind paints itself— sometimes a bright happy yellow, at others a dispirited blue, or may be a passionate scarlet…and not to forget the greys! The same piece may trigger a different coloured emotion in each of you: for no two minds think or feel alike. So, there goes: this blog shall be an assortment of write-ups of varied hues. Each piece would result out of things, events, or feelings that inspire me— at times it could be the moonlight on fallen leaves; or the dazzling sunshine on waters of the Luit; or perhaps, at other times, it could be the sparkle off that fake gem on the nose-pin of a little girl whose father had brought her mother, her and her seven siblings to encroach on the sands off the Luit. But above all, I aspire to write about you, and me; for it is the ‘you’s and ‘me’s from generations past, present, and future that in tandem create this fascinating thing we call society. And society, my dear reader, is way too inspiring to be left alone— unexplored and unexposed.

P.S.: This being the ribbon-cutting-evening of my blog, I shall take a little liberty and post three short pieces together (Did I just hear you sigh?). For rest of the blog’s life, it is going to be something like one post a fortnight.


Edit (2019): It’s been more than three years with no new posts! But as long as I don’t give up on myself, there’s still hope.